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Score a return invitation when you bring Sarah Bakes!

Sarah's Story

I like baking, but I LOVE to share!

No spatula ever went un-licked in my mother's kitchen. 

I tasted everything! The aromas and flavors that welcomed family and friends at my childhood home -- luscious lemon pound cakes, old-fashioned peanut brittle, rich hot fudge sauce, and butter cookies galore -- meant it could only be one place, Norma's kitchen.       

It was a very happy place to be -- even our dog's name was Happy!      

The joy of eating a treat made with love turned into a passion for creating delicious homemade goodies to give to others. And my business background in product development, packaging, and marketing, lets me do just that -- share!       

If you need a gorgeous gift of baked yummies packaged with distinction, or desserts to share at your own dining room table with family and friends, please contact me at


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